We offer artist the ability to utilize our services for a low compensation rate if qualified, this includes studio time at studios near you, donated to our charity as a tax deduction.  We provide marketing/promotions, event booking, and full featured entertainment services(Equipment rental, Education, funding, and more).  We are also developing a way to connect semi-pro and recreational leagues to create an international sports network called The U.S.E, to facilitate promotional needs, finding games to play, watch, and to participate in various ways…….Contact Us To Start

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Over 100 million people are trying to make money in the entertainment industry.

It makes more sense to offer key services and products to the public through charities, allowing for tax deductions to be given in partnership and exchange for opportunities and growth.  Why wait for a corporation to raise funds as you make one person rich.  By using charities to provide for the public instead corporations, people can give tax deductible donations to the programs and services and products that they want to support and use.  The charity can still raise funds through opportunities like sponsors/advertisers.  

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From Oprah to Tyler Perry there are so many great examples of people who went from noething to something using the entertainment industry.

If your ready, just contact us to get started…you don’t have to have any prior experience making music or entertaining.  We will help you along the way, and everything is paid for through funding from donations/sponsorship.

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  • Education Programs
  • Funding/Resources
  • Professional Recording Services
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Career Development
  • Networking Events
  • Event Booking

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