The 1st Teen Only Network

We are the first online network for youth between the ages of 13 and 18. This site allows them a platform completely free from adult stress, problems, and possible influences.

Make Money using our network

EARN MONEY from your content and online property through Ad-Control and Direct Revenue Share(Brought to you by


Group creation and moderation, including group messaging

Add To Our Services/Programs

Create programs, services, and new ideas for the website and earn funds/stock from your creativity...

You Get more

This includes audio, video, and text communications using apps or web services across the internet or using wifi/wireless connections only. This allows for phone, skype, and text conversations to be handled all in one place. All messages can be sent to any capable device including a smartphone, allowing for the user to answer messages/calls live just like they would with their cellular service.

Easy Broadcast/Group-Messaging

Message multiple contacts, including sending text or conference calls/messages directly to a smart-phone.

forum access

Forum access, create forums and post in any created forum.

The Life of A Student Is Complex...

Chat with the network or friends, find new friends, meet people online near you or in places your visiting. Connect with possible new college classmates for example by searching for the people that applied to the same colleges, check out notes for classes, compare public or private grades, start online study groups, and connect with teachers and mentors through the network as requested or needed.

Save important files forever

LifeSaver Program access, that allows you to save small files and information forever once you sign up for this site for over a year(like contact information and passwords)

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