What Happens When You Train/Practice

Your also getting better/improving in skills/attributes that help your perform at your highest level in other fields.

What Is The Use Of Sports/Ent?

Not only can your skills improve, but what your capable of already can help you reach levels you couldn't dream of before, look at most reality shows, there was no guarantee in their life of success, look at most athletes, they worked hard to reach where they are in life. These skills and opportunities not only help in other areas of your life but are great ways of raising fund for your self or someone else on the side or on your free time.

What's Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals?

If you have tried motivational speaking or spiritual guidance with no supernatural power attached, this can be a stepping stone in the direction you want to head in order to accomplish your goals....read more below to see what we are truly able to offer you.

Featured Programs & Services


ForSports.live is a way for the general population to broadcast any sports news or topic, from an elementary game that ended up funny or even epic, to highlight high school play from out of the USA that sky rockets a future Shaq to economic security in his future and his families future.  As usual through the pending patents provided by Jon we are able to provide unique advertising and marketing opportunities to everyone who post. Allowing them to control what happens to the revenue earned from their content/products/property as accessed online and offline through For Sports services/products.

What's WePlay.site?

Teems.info & WePlay.site is theSportsNet.Work’s main program, it allows people to create leagues, broadcast pick-up games/meetings/events at any time live, and also connect, share, and broadcast and at any level.  The initial goal is to create a general organized league that oversees the leagues created underneath, keeping track of wins, stats, and other important information. All games can be broadcast using any media, from low end smartphones to high-end cameras.  Any video can be saved and made available for future access. This allows people to earn income from the views of their videos, using both Google services and our unique opportunities to raise funds from sponsors/advertisers, this includes sponsorship of games/locations, ads you can place physically on uniforms, back boards, ect to advertise during the game and remove after.  The advertisements within and around your content and property online and offline are under your control, you choose who your connected with and you choose where the funds go.

A Little Bit about U.S.E

Brought to you by The United Sports and Entertainment Group also known as the Untitled Sports and Entertainment group, we are a part of the Uncommon Love non profit programs, and have a goal of making sure people U.S.E all of their potential energy and don’t feel as thought they can’t accomplish their dreams and goals.  Our main efforts revolves around sports and entertainment, and we utilize exercise and artistic/mental athletics as a way to jump-start paths that are outside of these fields also. I learned alot at USC from my first 2 years at Architecture school, which I can use in many ways outside of Architecture, especially sacrificing time and effort to achieve your maximum potential/limits.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.




Access to the WePlay.Site network for creating leagues and at least 2 hours a week of broadcasting time(with limits to broadcasting time determined per user)

Ful Access to the ForSports.Live system/network and complete control over the revenue earned from your sponsors/advertisements(with access to over 100 different sponsors through our network already).




All of the servies of the first level and Unlimited Broadcast Time

Online Classes including...Yoga




All of the services of the first level and access to training materials/services

Unlimited Broadcast Time

Online Training and Access to Donated Products/Equipment When Available

Online Classes including...Yoga

The Option for a Personal Trainer or Assistant for Production is made available through us and our volunteers.