we want to help you meet someone you can hold...not another porno

We provide artistic video and images of real sex and erotic/exotic/beautiful moments/events.  We are keeping all uploads from users and visitors at a soft core level for now, allowing for imaginative moments while allowing us to continue our goal of promoting real connections and relationships online and offline through our network

  1. Through TheWay.live(WhoAreYou), WeeDate.online and this network we provide online and offline communities and events dedicated to dating, friendship, and more, the users can also create communities and events.  
  2. Online and Offline Messaging, Customizable Personal Web Space, Forums, File Sharing, Private and Anonymous options, Access To Offline Communities and Events, Dating Ideas and Unique Sponsor Provided Experiences.  We also provide low cost access to video sharing and live video messaging for all the users on our network who need it.
  3. Easily promote and connect your online presence from other sites and networks, whether your an actress or a home video creator, we still provide sharing of content from other sites and networks.

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