A vision

How do you create something that will last forever and impact our future in the best possible way?  You have to watch others succeed, you have to learn from their failures, and you have to research what they have done to sustain themselves in their given field/goal.  This network has been formed through hard work, both research and experimentation have led to our successful unique property.

There is alot you can do with The Business Network, if you haven’t learned everything yet please take some time to read more below…

What Is The Business Network?

          We are a network for business professionals and students looking to enter the job field. We help connect users on a social/business level online and offline.

This includes:

  1. Personal Web Space and Storage – this allows space to customize in anyway including adding a resume, portfolio of pictures and/or video, and even interactive html elements.
  2. The ability to create private networks for your business or connections(TheBusinessNet.works)
  3. The ability to message and network with new possible connections, partners, investors, mentors, teachers, workers and more.
  4. Post jobs, events, service request, and promote your services through our network also. This can be done for free  times a year and at a low cost(TheJobNet.work)
  5. Find and post online work and odd jobs that need to be completed. A wide variety of small businesses can use our site to hire contractors to work part time instead of full time employees. Cutting cost, by providing work through an online environment.  Access to our team through non profit volunteers in every profession. You can get a wide variety of services/products at a low cost for all businesses and for free through our non profit if your business qualifies.

A Unique Offer From Us:

     All of our services are paid for by advertisements & sponsors currently, you receive access Ad Control +  direct revenue sharing if you pay a monthly or yearly fee that we work our per individual/business.

To Succeed in business you have to get help from someone, you can't do it by yourself.

Jon Pierson

(Founder & President of U.L & O.R.G)

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