Have you ever wanted to jump over the cost of publishing a book/movie/game, whether its audio only, or an elaborate art experience you’ve been waiting to create.

We help you do everything in levels, starting at providing a trailer/full-product at a cost efficient level, while developing connections and funds to put forth a project at a higher level of quality, essentially turning a book for sale on our site provided, to a high quality eBook available for sale on every site and application from Amazon to Google Play.

Post your files/content/story’s here for free and start using our program to fundraise if you need to, this helps you develop your product/content without a worry about initial cost, while still proving a way to raise funds and increase value as you prepare for a more advanced/professional presentation.

This network is for anyone to share and find unique stories for free and for sale, especially valuable and classic content that hasn’t been able to make it to the marketplace yet. From the next Tyler Perry to the next Akira Toriyama we want to be a jump start for anyone interested in sharing their story’s….

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We also offer services/products to help people create their story in any medium that they choose..

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