Start A Private Network For Your Family

Control Your Property

We help people create a private network just for their friends and family, this is great for managing family reunions and other family related events and needs. We provide a system to manage a variety of family related task/activities/services that allow the average family to handle their daily life in the best way possible. This includes services like privately controlled gps tracking for children, while at school or out with friends. We also offer online storage for photo albums, and virtual pages/sites for creating memory experiences, to honor and remember weddings, anniverseries, parties, ect. You can easily integrate photos and videos to share with your family, while privately controlling the entire process and online property.

They Make How Much From Your Content???

The beauty of this system is that your also in control of the value earned from your families online property and activity, facebook makes billions from advertising to you, even if you don’t click on the ads.  Now your family can control what happens to the value of the network that they build together.

Reconnect With Family

This network is also easily searched to find out if you have a family member or friend that is currently using the system.  Allowing people to easily find and reconnect with their family.

What Is The Value Of A Private Network?

"A cable network gives a % of its advertising revenue to the channels on it's network, my idea for YouKoz revolutionized the industry by providing this option for the average social network user, WHY are you giving away your valuable relationship to a network for FREE???"
Jonathan Pierson
President & Founder of UL & O.R.G

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