No New News? – In Case You Missed It – Video of The Day – The Roman Influence Now Hidden In Your History Books…

So some key points to take from this video as you do further research is that despite my problems with current Bibles and the Torah(the only reason you are here?)are the contradictions that would have been fixed by any good creator even if they aren’t omnipotent. Specifically as I’ve mentioned before in Genesis ch.1 and ch.2 there are contradicting scriptures about what happened at the start of creation(life) …..if you really read the first two chapters you wouldn’t want to read any further because of the contradiction.

yet there are valuable parts of history kept in the text if you have ever had to be exposed to it AS I’ve even shown on video the Holy Spirit of God is real that’s been verified by me and others…all of my questions about the inaccuracy and contradictions have been met by the spirit with a calling for patience until the answer can be revealed.

I would note how many refuse to ask the Spirit for true guidance when reading scripture also…instead trying hard using reason and science to give others false leadership…this video brings up the prophecy of John’s Revelation. Many would argue whether the seals were even opened when Christ died and if the true end of days was started over 2000 years ago…i would argue o haven’t been able to give testimony of the time I’ve heard Christ voice. Proof that He has been working and doing alot since the cross…so as Revelation states when the lamb was slain he opened the seals causing a long process we are all currently going through. Although I have many arguments about stopping evil before it gets to a level of concern the Lord love free will and the true calling to His ways…i feel like alot is lost especially due to war…

This video shows a reason to look deep into the re early history few get to truly understand. If Rome was the dragon and empowered to the point of being one with Satan or if America is the culmination as we can take alot from the English King verica and Amerigo vespusy as America was formed….also note Rome was loved in England and seen as liberators initially not conquerors….

Also note the satanic made beautiful in the folklore of King Authur and Merlon…versus a spiritual(Toranical) viewpoint ….

Despite the contradictions I’ve noted there are many usefully if not priceless parts of scripture…i.e note you can link proof of Christ throigh eye witness accounts of the earthquake and solar eclipse which blackened the sky as Christ died….so you can link proof of the Pauline letters to proof of the disciples to proof of much of what Christ would have said to validation and evidence as YOU form relationship in some way based on what you have understood from the scripture as it guides you…the response of course can be good priceless or terrible if temptation to greed and other sin due to lies and confusion about the blessings the Lord truly provides and what true happiness and pleasure can be….i would tell you the baptism of the holy spirit is better the making a baby…forming a new me was alot greater moment in many ways…

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