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What is MyChannel?

Local Broadcasting with the ability to connect your devices to a wider network that can reach around the world depending on the amount of users and access to methods of broadcasting, including antennas and satellites we have set-up…

When You Sign Up For MyChannel You Get:

  1. Local Broadcasting System
  2. Localized Storage System
  3. Software and/or Devices(for connectivity)

from $1,000

Control A Local Broadcast/Connection | Includes 1 year international access (From $30/month)

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Are you happy with your current internet experience.  Do you feel like your in control of what your able to do with your device?  From making a website, to sharing a video, there is so much more that can be doneif we do it in a different way.

For a low cost you get a chance to create your own channel on a network truly controlled by the communities and people within the communities that use advanced technologies as a way to enhance their enjoyment of life.

What does it mean to truly have control over your network?  It makes more sense for your community to own an offsite farm that ships the things you need to your local area as your community needs it.  Your tax dollars should go directly towards supplying the things your in need of.  The people can then use their income to find answers for the things wanted after through tax dollars currently, like nasa for instance( over 600 billion spent so far, and over 20 billion of a 4 trillion dollar budget spent in 2019, and it would cost an estimate of just 1.5 trillion a year to feed the 300 million Americans that pay tax dollars, and automated farming with off-site farmers could easily feed the world for the rest of their lives and would cost less then 4 trillion to set-up).

                 What is MyChannel?          

          In 1993 I was in a dream and got an idea while looking at the television…I said what if everyone could broadcast and share video, pictures, ect…just like a cable network…what if it was localized and the local network connected to a broader network that allowed people to share beyond just their neighborhood?  I sent in a letter to the US government thinking it would be a great way to partner, at that age I didn’t have any idea about patent law, I just knew that there was an opportunity to change the world.  However I never got a response back from them and windows 95 came out with the first internet browser, and things began to develop towards our current present.  Now I look back and despite my worries, I want to still pursue my idea.  They have not given anyone the identity of the creator of the “world wide web” and I want to take back my idea and really pursue the dream of connecting friends, and new friends in a way that still hasn’t been achieved…My original idea revolved around a broadcast network where antennas or satellites were used from each home to connect…not a centrally controlled system….I think this can still happen in tremendous ways.

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