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Find or Start a Game Event

This is a place to post real life meeting events, to play any type of game.  From chess to basketball. Post and find post from others interested in what you enjoy

A New Way To Raise Funds

You can even earn prizes/rewards for beating a game first, or completing an in game accomplishment 1st. 

Due to Ads/Sponsors, we are able to give all of the free members the lowest tier of the prize money while the prizes/rewards vary depending on the entry options for weekly, monthly, and yearly entries.

Example:  Best record in Madden 2020 online ranked matches 

Free entry – weekly reward = $100.00 0 monthly reward = $500.00 yearly reward = $1,000

Paid entry – weekly reward = $1.00 entry($500) – $5.00 entry($1,000) – $10.00 entry($2,000)

Monthly reward = $1.00 entry($1,000) – $5.00($2,000) – $10.00 entry($4,000)

Online Gaming Too! Through

This is also a portal to meet and find the best gamers for online gaming, find the persons verified stats and rankings, and challenge the best to matches.  Upgrade your resume with proof you can beat the best.

Raise $ Completing: Goals, Accomplishments, & Winning Games/Matches

Whether it’s Call of Duty online, or the first person to beat Dark Souls on the hardest difficulty, we keep track of completed goals/quest, rankings, and leagues; this allows anyone to create an entry into the system to earn the weekly, monthly, and yearly prizes & rewards that are available to the players.  this also gives you a platform for creating contest between two or more people any time live, are your skills good enough that your able to put your hard earned money on the line.

“How much could you have made playing your favorite games?”

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