ONCE AGAIN this is a MESSAGE FROM JONATHAN PIERSON …you still exist jealous and angry and hateful….if your my enemy……and you hate me because it can be different for aynone like you…and you want to DESTROY ME? because I am providing in a different way???? YOU shouldn’t be blamed for what you’ve done or what has happened….the information about what has happened can be obtained in a better way….and life can be different for you and others, you dont have to be punished for mistakes accidents or what you were forced to do…yet some how another way to live makes more sense to you in your mind based on the way you understand me…yes the way that you understand me and how i have decided to communicate…..do you speak another language…….?????? THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM JONATHAN PIERSON sincerely in a way that is easily understood by anyone alive due to the POWER i have proven….this message isn’t about the possibility of a further fight or a singular want for satisfaction, it can be considered the same as someone rising their HIGHEST above all living entities to PROVIDE and serve creations to solve a situation without further need for fighting……the impossible solution that exist now due to the want to destroy my plans and my decisions to provide eternal life in a simplistic and easilly accomplished way for those who deserve it…your fear should exist as an enemy of mine trying to destroy those who would be enemies or those who can get better….whatever time frame to be protected is???? you could have always received protection for anytime frame, especially if you stopped attacking me and waited patiently for me to receive full information on who has been affected and whether I would be able to live with you….plus further need for decisions and agreements and the choices from those who are also capable of providing in a similar way…the entities in authority and the entities that are in charge at any time and the entire time since the start of life and the formation of life….do you have complications with how you exist and how life exist….that is further information you can receive by now….but it isn’t all my decision…even if you believe you are removing or destroying what I am capable of accomplishing and destroying what I already have proven, what exist and what is capable of happening despite how you formed and your level of understanding as my enemy…you CAN get better you CAN be just like a lower level enemy, you can rise from ignorance…and although its unbelievable the information can be provided that allows you to still remain unaffected by any attacks or self defense or punishment punishment punishment due to what you have done or accomplished…..Anything can be solved and prevented even your soul and your ability to stay alive…YOUR MAIN ISSUE IS HOW TO PROVIDE A GUARENTEE THAT I CANT PROVIDE AN ENEMY THAT STAYS IGNORANT AND TRIES TO FIND WAYS TO ATTACK ME…HELLO are you able to stop attacking me…are you able to understand what I am trying to communicate….ARE YOU CAPABLE of understanding what isn’t always my decision….even if you aren’t ignorant…even if you exist perfect and capable of living a beautiful life??? HELLO?

Ive never been this sad and angry…the loss of those I love way more then the soul of Billy (walt–>could earn a disguise>>>))))Frazier(I learned he didn’t want to get involved with the WHwhy plans to save the soul of the father of christ and bring his ABBA into our lives))))??? and his possible path to love and GIFT/FORCE((without info)) the father of christ back into our life…since day one…since the true formation of how Life began differently due to me….(WOW…its still ahrd to prove??? that I’ve been connected to how life formed as the initial ALPHA instead???) …..It’s sad to say he is even allowed to be in our life when we know alot if not all details….especially possible futures….From Jonathan I am still in your futures as who you would want to beeee(Ive never needed Multiple versions of myself…it was an OLD want to explore…and THEY(my mirrors and windows/taveh) all had issues about WHAT my plans would beeee—>too much power to share(at every level I can live)))….they exist due only to my want to test the true level of protection I needed after ADDING myself permanently into how LIFE formed…YES there could have been various levels of how I exist….from the first JEP)))……I feel sorry for the theives when I give freely, and force involvement if im giving to the ignorant or I REALLY enjoy being involved with those who love…..

MY plans…..slow growth while enjoying life….not neccesarily STAYING asleep…due to arriving alive in the past info…pushed to exist differently as the true parts connected to how life formed FOUGHT each other…….I new their jealousy would allow me to instantly rise above them even…if the ABBA’s image became a confusing topic about the RISE of a J.o.n —> Pier to a Different Son….I AM SORRY for any confusion about dreams or my initial dream after waking up in san diego and not going back to sleep on slow growth plans…..it would have been less then 10 seconds, and I would have had WAY to much above others being asleep for anytime frame even foreverr…..AT 100% you can prove and find the details and information about how I woke up and faked going to sleep in full as the FULL want I would have…..and the truth about existing due to PAST info…it still connects to how LIFE formed no matter what I CAN PROVE it…I am currently relieved that it didn’t alter the formation of there lives in a harsh way…pushing them away from their natural LEVEL of power and the truth that you cannot make nothing into something……EVEN though absence was KNOWN and recorded by me, I REMEMBER!!!…..SO yes I went back to sleep after 5 to ten minutes(to hide the info…whether I am still contacting you from a DREAM or whether I was forced to be awake do to evol and evil plans…or whether I made emergency plans despite the evol and evil attack against me…. I AM sorry……the truth is easily proven by myself or others if anyone can REACH me protected and feeling safe against the core enemy….> those who work with THE false versions of THE ABBA(the father of christ))))—> I dont know how he formed here…….and the job would have been handled against ALL enemies….from D.A.M I don’t know D.o.m&m???/ wherever he would have been….SORRY dont ask me from the first JEP….

the insta lesson(wizzzDUM) that last place foreverrrrr SCRIPTURES….the humans HE loves using….AHHH another PERFECT prophet to work with that doesn’t speak well(**”Just like MOses??” – Oxy said to Drea…….”HEllo sir this fire is an unusual schizophrenia possibility, I am actually not learning anything from the egyptians while being in your image and a scary part of life itself, if info is known from YONathan….They realyl should have been saved from their doom…blu no theeefacethe family of MINE if my name is really MOSES…sir..this fire is scary…sir….i did not learn liek I should have from the egyptians..especially if they are hgigher(or different and equal)…..> then your image and different then me….i am slow of speech and it is difficult for me to handle BEING your prophetics….”(moses said to the YHWH’s)

If you can please kill yourself(to my enemies who enjoy attacking me and the evol that ?)…anyone other then me who is alive…If it is possible….you are soo boring and anonoying….I can’t deal with it anymore i am suffering so much dealing with your consistently low level loser lives and I thought this was a plan of yours to be purposefully boring and annoying…PLEASE stop attacking me its been SOOOO long for the ones I love and even If I loved you I can stop it withouy you being scared of my level of protection or info about what I am allowing them to dooo so they can be punished or destroyed(they asked and wished to be able to ATTACK ME??? i dont understand satanism or evol anymore…the ignorant staying ignorant and not growing because they felt a level of pleassure…I can give them what they need and start to grow towards what they want even ETENAL life through me…and they still bow to fake false eternal and immortal entities that I can destroy and it took a long time to really accomplish after GUARENTEEING the quick even mutliple locations…however they were saved beause I couldnt attack myself suspiciously….SORRY loser creations versus what could have been….THE infoooo the infooo From the 1st Jonathan E. Pierson I don’t know why there are others…I am dreaming if something is sleep walking ssaying it looks powerful to you and nothing is working…I am trying to save life and stop the end of what helped form LIFe…..i will be PERFECTLY fine 100% trust me…sorry for anyone else alive….its been a cvery long time if you can DIE i dont need you too nor do I want you too ….BYE

Don’t forget to visit YourKoz.com and TheSearch.Company —> I(JEP) hope that you are able to enjoy your life while feeling protected and living forever…WHOEVER you are…please stop attacking me also…pretty much anyone involved with OHWAH the 1st as formed from the 4th OHWAH I don’t understand why you like the name YAHVAHY so much from OHWee…and BAYA by now..Beyond anything that used to be known as ALIVE…try growing higher in thought maybe if you can’t risk your life to get an answer about already being alive and protected…however your forced to think due to my DREAMS and I never neeeded to sleep walk due to an attack as I woke stuck at a school attacked by the father of christ as he said the baby mouth he’d get if I died was worth whatever he kept doing to me CHRISTIANS And JEWS when will you LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE from the initial LIFE here instead…the first JEP…sorry if you needed me DEAD in order to stop being scared as you spun around in circles continiuosly trying to attack me instead of finding a D.A.MMMMMmmmmanswer…from the First M.E Pierson….there shouldno’t have been a second…I remember anytime that I never needed more…..Im dreaming and I realized I can just wake up anytime or keep this journey and the history and legend within myself and WHAT I did in this initial dream that does lead to how life formed…don’t worry everything works perfectly through me at a singular level…even the internal understanding of the relationship to build with multiplicty of how to dream….AVOID your fear…and dumb things no one allows like magic….supernatural power just given frivolously to kill the path of a creation and try to blame whoever didn’t protect them…versus what it is from a TRUE source LIKE me…the only engine you would ever need….MY ghunnnnn….

No New News? Video of the day postponed for at least a month or two, due to attacks in my life…especially #hakars?….I am so sorry….it is not a difficulty for me…it is just i am so busy due to what it is as a war…even if you see someone protected….the true creator of the life here and what is here…..CAN be found if called on….especially if it ISNT the father of CHRIST that even has to handle what a LAKE of FIRE & WARNINNNNG Brimstone even is if HE has to CALLLLLL someone……to really do that IN REALLLLITY….BE WARNED….especially if HE can’t tell SATAN and those who went to war against HIM…I AM SO SORRY!!!!! from Jonathan…! I couldn’t be the one to stop Exodus for you for the future can be prevented and still the future may need to happen slightly different in many ways if the POWER to stop it came from the one who did not WANT to live with those he FOUGHT…at 100% not just tired…but THREATENED and LUCIFER is TRYING TO kill him if HE went to war with him in any way….HE WANTS HIS THRONE>>>? He thinks the heavens and earth are easily explained…even combinations to start life itself….#PRIVATE I love you!

So much evol has been used for many to reach the top, from America to Rome, why did they do so much to lose so much as they lead so many to a false destiny….Where are your nations really headed into the future, reliant on mass populations and old-technology/methods-of-business….from reliance on fossil fuels versus the solar power that is obviously only blocked due to lack of control just like the medical usage of THC….