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We started the 1st online church in 2006, utilizing the help of Reverend Cecil Murray’s Passing the Mantle Program, and Dr. Joel Mcleod’s Next Dimension University, our leader Yon Pierson has been able to educate and prepare himself to guide H.i.v.e churches with the help of the Holy Spirit.  We offer a unique online church experience, that includes Conversations About Life, a non-conventional take on sunday service that we have everyday, with 24/7 on-demand service.  Conversations About Life, include the ability for the visitors to participate in service, even if it’s just asking questions, you can prepare just like Yon for the topic of the Friday and Sunday services.  The services are interactive and allow each visitor to see and hear one another if they wish to.  Service also consist of prayer, praise/worship/offering, and Bible Study(the 5 min. sermon and weekly lesson).  We are a church that is guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, and that is the way it should be.   For more information about us please scroll down below.  Our parent organization is Uncommon Love(The Original Research Group), which helps heal the world with a variety of programs and services, online and offline. 





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Our Programs & Services

Conversations About God

$ 0
/ Yearly
  • A Unique Open Church Service That Allows Everyone To Participate In Some Way
  • Join us Friday and Sunday and 24/7 Everyday ON-DEMAND
  • Mobile and Pop-Up Church Service Will Be Available Soon..
  • Church Creation Program, Join Hive Churches Or Venture On Your Own Path...
  • Let Us Guide You On Your Path Towards Marriage...Online and/or Off-Line Wedding Experiences Are Waiting For You....

24/7 Praise/Worship/e-Study

$ 0
/ Yearly
  • You Can Start A Mighty Praise/Worship/Study Session Just Contact Us AnyTime On Our Website Or At 619-844-9886
  • We Offer Private and Public Study/Worship Sessions...Let Us Help Guide You On How To Use The Technology We Now Have Available. Contact Us To Start A Bible Study Session.

Control Your Offerings/Donations

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/ Yearly
  • Our Church Let's You Choose Where Your Tithes And Offerings Go, Choose A Current Program Or Create Your Own and Watch Us Run It To Perfection Even If You Can't Dedicate The Time/Effort....
  • The True Power Of Offering Is Taught To You And You Are Educated On What It Means To Give and Support This Church Versus Others Claiming To Have Built Their Church According To The Guidance of The Spirit....Do They Resemble A Church The Apostle Paul Would Write A Letter Too???


Inga - A Friend Since 2012

Crenshaw, California

It’s rare to find someone that loves you for who you are, I thank God everyday for Pastor, I don’t need to feel like I have a second lord or king, just me and my God and Pastor Jon guides me and encourages me in so many ways, especially when I get sad, I hope that everyone is able to find a personal relationship with the real power in this world, without being attacked by false kings calling themselves your church leader….

Uncommon Love (Our Parent Company)


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We Want You To Develop A Personal Relationship With The Higher Power In This Reality We Live In Together...We Will Never Want To Be Your Idol Or Thieves....

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