What Is Edia?

Edia is a advertisement funded free online encyclopedia that any user can add too…no additions will be deleted, but all additions are moderated and only the qualified additions will make it into the main entry of the encyclopedia, and others are made available for anyone to access, even if your entry is made to be satirical/ciritical/artistic in nature.

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 This is a place for in depth research on any topic/hash-tag/subject/item/person/ect. to be gathered and searched in one location.  Your in control over the value of your information, as we earn money from advertising revenue due to your post/property we share a % with you based on your Ad Control and Direct Revenue Share agreement with us.

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Is Knowledge Not The Most Saught After Treasure

My Skills.


The Vision Realized

This should revolutionize how people are able to find information and increase the education level of anyone who is able to access our network. The network will be able to remain free through the sponsorship opportunities we are able to form as we grow and prove our model for gathering information is better then wikipedia. The goal of Edia is to provide free resources, while creating jobs, opportunity and guarenteeing the validity of information that is found.


Because of You It's More Then A Site/app

We have partnered with wesearch to provide a connected program, that allows Edia to connect to answers found on our site, and research found through paid and freely provided successful searches.  We want to make sure research is alot easier then what it currently is on google. Finding new information in a verifiable way can be a daunting task.