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Can You See What we See?

How much does it cost to provide internet access and high quality computer services at a low cost, to anyone in need world wide?  How many jobs does it create and how much will things change?

Do you still need a computer?

Planes & Pricing

Thank you for your time and please let us know if you have any ideas you are able to share to help your community or even the world.


$ 50 For The Device & 1st Year Access
  • Easily create and edit documents through Google Doc's
  • Access to all of the internet including streaming video
  • Play High Quality Games
  • View and Edit Files That Are Saved


$ 120 For The Device & 1st Year of Access
  • All of the features from the personal level
  • Access to shared or private Hi-End computer processing power
  • Capabilities to edit and create video/games/music
  • The ability to add future features and programs for free

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