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What do you get with the & CallMy.Site???

Private Networking & Advanced Sharing

A private network that allows you to use the screen of your device to send content, messages, share contact info/add-contacts

It's A Gps Network

a gps network that allows you to meet/share with people around you

Advanced Communication & Services

You can also utilize augmented reality for a wide variety of things including leaving graffiti post others can see when they use their screen to explore inside or outside.

Access The First Audio Only Network = Better Communication

A unique audio network that allows you to stream line your social presence to be made available through audio only, or a more advanced and less shareable form of media.

A Truly Hands Free Social Experience

Make updates and post using a phone even if you don’t have an internet connection & EASILY share on other networks

Advanced Audio Network Options Developed By Us 1st

Anyone can call your site to reach your phone, device, leave a message, or make a post/message for your page publicly/privately/for-friends/followers...Sponsored By:

Become a star or re-connect with your friends...its up to you how you use our apps/sites

This isn’t what your usually given, it’s been tested and researched for a long time, we can prove what we are capable of, can some websites?