What is ChangeForChange?

It's a new idea for Church, without the concept of religion. If only the Christian's and Jew's had full control over what's used for the purpose of the TRUE church, especially how their donations are used. If only 1% of the people who attend church every week spent that time volunteering to complete the TRUE goals of the CHURCH, then there would be a complete CHANGE in how this world works and operates...WHAT is your church accomplishing with your money...is it just a building? Who are they reaching, and is their building calling anyone to the Lord? We emphasize developing a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit/Breath of the Abba(Father of Christ). We also emphasize group/personal research and Fellowship online. We also take the idea of the usefulness of donations at any level, taking any size donation and grouping income of any level as a tax deduction while allowing members to control how and what it goes to directly as a group through votes and directly funded activities, positions, and programs/services

How Do You Start?

Just contact us to become a member of The For Change Spiritual Community. You will gain access to the network we have created, and will get an online presence that allows you to connect to live fellowship through voice/text/video broadcasting/connections. This also gives you access to the voting system and control center to allow you to choose what happens to the change/funds your able to contribute.

Why Does It Work Better?

It allows for true control and leadership to grow from this organization. It destroys the possibility for corruption or private/personal profit off of what is dedicated to the purpose of the Church. It also allows specific communities/cultures to fine tune how their funds are used every time they give. By voting/choosing directly what happens to your donations your able to guarentee that the job/task/goal is going to be completed effectively and efficiently.