Through our non profit we have partnered with restaurants to offer the highest quality food products and meals, while utilizing the service to offer lowered prices for the homeless and qualified customers.  We do not keep our menu public due to the possibility of copy cats and thieves. 

Our menu is available upon request, just contact us here online, via email, phone, or in person.  We can’t wait to fulfill your request.  It always makes more sense to buy in bulk through us, you save time and money.  It’s better then fast food, and cheaper then cooking your self, and spending on groceries and gas every week.  Let us know of any dishes or items you are craving also, we are always willing to add to our menu.  

We also operate WeDeliver.Today to help you connect directly to drivers for request for any delivery need.

and don’t forget to use to find and sale any items new or used.

Text: 619 844 9896

Email: +

  • Delicious Food Delivered/Shipped Frozen
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Catering Available
  • Snacks/Delivery/Request Available 24/7
  • Lowered Prices For Qualified Customers(i.e students/low-income/homeless)