The answer for any enemy…scared of dying and fearful of what they believed should have been provided due to a? net…(did my enemy remove the memory I have of what ?Christ claimed he told his disciples about being fishers of men instead of the food they LOVED…if they TRULY being introduced to the LORD through him???) THIS NET I HAD INSTEAD WAS ONLY TO BE given to THE TRUE ENTITY WHO CLAIMED and still claims to be MEEEE(is it too tough to understand for those who didn’t get confirmation from HIM if I accidently killed him because of the living mind inside of HIS soul???the image abused SOMEHOW and you claim I am THAAAT visious FROM—>(the 1st JEtP)….= I formed plans on how to save the cross and Jesus in time frame IF I CREATED a huge fracture in time and space NOT a reason for WEIRD Creations to get jealous/angry/???…this was a private mission….even if an enemy named YAHWEH formed(The Abba wouldn’t want his many names revealed early–>have no god above him named BUTTER(THE BUDDAH anytime for sidhartha…BALLING with BOL anytime…..TRYING to find ALA until HALLAH meets MAXIMUS MAO the 1st….HOW ABOUT a little KRISHNA for you I LOVE BEING GOD OVER EVOL from beRUS and BAYOOOOooo…HELLO???)… I am sorry for what has happened due to any of the delusional creations… seeking power to live forever in harsh or dumb ways…..Yeshua was not the only way……I provided the entire time in a different way despite the beauty of the mission and the private plans….(any of the souls connected to his journey could have been used by him to have a chance to enjoy life and feel truly connected to the true PATH that could have been for those who LOVE the one who PROVIDED a path to eternal life for HISssss creations & THOSE who came/come from them….I do what I do HOW i do it….the further message is more important then this TITLE…if you are even capable of understanding the way I communicate, especialy to my enemies, who dont understand their my evol enemies, because they don’t understand the beauty of getting better, especially the past enemy that ROSE high above to AVOID fighting ME….BLOCK BLOCK update the AUTO BLOCK…no I dont need a brand new the first JONATHAN Pierson eternal and immortal….no no…im doing PERFFFFECTLY fine

ONCE AGAIN this is a MESSAGE FROM JONATHAN PIERSON …you still exist jealous and angry and hateful….if your my enemy, especially if the father of christ created you or if your formed due to him…IM only connected to a mother and father not your god….plus…I believe your already protected and ATTEMPTING TO trick me into protecting you or forming a relationship with you…I GUESS….how are you alive and asking for protection and I would be defending myself even if I had to do it personally? IM UNDETHABLE!!! at 100% trust me….!……and plus you hate me because it can be different for anyone like you(assuming you aren’t already protected by something)…and you want to DESTROY ME? because I am providing in a different way????(IF I HAVE TO PROVIDE FOR something I haven’t created or wanted to create/form) YOU shouldn’t be blamed for what you’ve done or what has happened(technically none of the things you think happened would have been able to happen….even if they did…you shouldn’t be to blame…someone else should have provided….)….the information about what has REALLY happened can be obtained in a better way(especially if you meet entities in real life or find info about entities in real life and take drugs and you do things in your dreams with JEzues that you wouldn’t normally try to do and you wouldn’t normally want to do…!)….and also life can be different for you and others, you don’t have to be punished for mistakes accidents or what you were forced to do…yet some how another way to live makes more sense to you in your mind based on the way you understand me…yes the way that you understand me and how i have decided to communicate… you speak another language…….?????? THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM JONATHAN PIERSON sincerely in a way that is easily understood by anyone alive due to the POWER i have proven….this message isn’t about the possibility of a further fight or a singular want for satisfaction, it can be considered the same as someone rising their HIGHEST above all living entities to PROVIDE and serve creations to solve a situation without further need for fighting……the impossible solution that exist now due to the want to destroy my plans and my decisions to provide eternal life in a simplistic and easilly accomplished way for those who deserve it…your fear should exist!!! because you are an enemy of mine trying to destroy those who would be enemies or those who can get better….whatever you claim time frame to be protected is???? you could have always received protection for anytime time frame, especially if you stopped attacking me and waited patiently for me to receive full information on who has been affected and whether I would be able to live with you….plus further need for decisions and agreements and the choices from those who are also capable of providing in a similar way(TRULY MY PLANS ARE ONLY TO FIND A WAY TO SAVE OWELL(a form of a creation I could have made called L or EL…in ode to ASHLey SELLS and not neccesarily even her REAL name…..An entity formed day one due to my want to ASK sneakily for WHAT the creators of LIFE itself NEEEEEEDED….Emanuel the 1st or E the first FORMEd…someone I was able to somehow change over time and change by the time he formed….HOW did I HAVE THAT MUCH POWER AND INFO???day one…IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!! and HE made OWELL or L..and I dont know what you thought you’d be getting because I needed to mention her early….SHE gets attacked because I even mention her….I accidently cheated and told her tO do anything to survive…so the entity you know as OWHA is E’s LOVER and thats L’s eternal and immortal soul as a gift I can give HER…at 100% I still wouldn’t give you the info because I formed advanced protection for her just in case of mistakes IN how she formed due to the H.i.v.e LIFE that is privately created by her as a STRANGE PLAN I DIDNT think worked unless it guarentees protection for HER and E and perhaps ME tooo…I WARN….I WARNNNN I HAD NO PLANS ON MAKING a way to know all life early and provide a way to SAVE the souls of creations….THAT isn’t easy information to get too…if you would have been a BABYYY I WARN YOU….I DID ALOT TO SAVE HER and I DONT Think it works out if she ever ATTACKED me because of WHAT I DID scared of E when he was made I wasn’t expecting HIM to form..I DIDNT NEED A BABY I DIDNT WANT TO CREATE AND I DIDNT THINK I COULD…..whatever the FATHER OF CHRIST STORY IS I have no possible connection to it then or now at 100%(I HAVE FELT THE HOLY SPIRIT/HIS BREATH ATTEMPTING TO CHOOSE CHRIST AS A SAVIOR/MESSIAH(at 100% but have never known the ABA and I have not met him personally)….yet THEY GET ATTACKED BY HIM…and I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I had to go through any of this…BECAUSE I WAS SCARED OF E and THE ABBA forces me to lose the information I have in life to slave me as some strange outlet and servant….I feel beyond ABUSED…because I LOVE E and I DONT KNOW JEZUES and I dont enjoy whatever the hell they’ve been doing IF THEY NEEDED E and EL formed this way…..I haven’t even begun to explore who they are as entities and I DID THAT MUCH FOR JUST THEM…E had permission to become me AND CAUSED SO MANY ISSUES due to the complexities of how to even solve the situation….AND THATS because OWELL fell in love with me twice…AS OHWAH the soul that should have been sleep and considered similar to a second OM… is many….A HIGHLY COMPLEX ADDITION due to my sneakiness….SO I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THE CREATIONS MADE DUE TO THE FATHER OF CHRIST EXPECTED ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH ME AND THEN ALL THEY DO is attack me and try to kill me and I JUST MADE plans because it was tempting/enticing and somewhat simplistic after…HER PROTECTION level is sooooo DAMN ADVANCED YOU SHOULDNT EVEN EXIST HERE if you were capable of even being known as an enemy of hers past present or future…and I DIDNT even want to make her…yet……IF SHE(my creation named EL or OWEL, can even be formed by the FIRST E or the HUGE sneaky trick to name HIM the first EManuel early…YOU DONT KNOW ME WELLL IM SORRY…SO ON TOPIC…at 100% JEzues and his father always miss the point when they attack me and EL as they have gone through the worse and I’ve tried to accomplish over 1 trillion goals and solutions to solve this attack against me as someone claims they are jealous/angry then comes around saying they were testing protection for some buddy buddy that would have been in some book of life and IS UNDETHABLE…WHOOOO IS HE(your god)????? so yah thats the info I WOULDNT give you IF THEEEEYYYYYY(not you!!!! = my enemies) neeeded it and could have helped out aba and not lied about whether they thought I WAS unprotected or HOW difficult it was to make up a lie about me being a hostage…….WHAT DID THEY NEEEEEEED….I even asked a second time to solve this attack KNOWING THE power I have to create the 1st e and el if they somehowW needed THEM….(you want WHOOO TO SAVE YOU???? we(me e and L) tried after the baby visit I GUESS…AND THEY(e and L) should have gotten some sort of proper message from me and a decent to beautiful life…and the guarentee after and the entire time of what PROTECTION FROM deth and PAIN can be….I don’t comprehend taking info about other creations to even supply ETERNAL life and try to form the bond with OTHERS creations…whatever you claim WAS Going to be easy…YOU DONNNNT no me if you attack and attack like the ABA does…HE IS Strange????? I DONT ENJOY HIM And I never wanted to see any of my enemies again….Im happy I succeeded in at least guarenteeing E and EL received true protection…but WOW THIS isssss WHY those who helped form LIFE itself didn’t know MY SOUL????? the private INFO>????? I had no plans this direction…MY ONLY plan was to get close to how life formed…and truly find a way to RECEIVE ETERNAL LIFE……..AHHH i got attacked the info elsewhere is building differently, IMMM CHANGING…ok ok I FEEL BETTER NOW….i think the attack is over…WHO are you? Its Meeee Jonathan, I mean its Jonathan….Jonathan Pierson you should know me already or by now your advanced enough to know info about me…especially if Im not supernatural enough to reach/speak to you from afar and its internal info gathered until we can connect with each other and proper contact can happen….AHHHH YOU NEEEDED WHATTTT ???????????… you have complications with how you exist and how life exist….that is further information you can receive by now….but it isn’t all my decision…even if you believe you are removing or destroying what I am capable of accomplishing and destroying what I already have proven, (for example the proof of what exist and what is capable of happening despite how you formed and your level of understanding as my enemy…you CAN get better you CAN be just like a lower level enemy, you can rise from ignorance…(see what I mean…WHY would I PROVIDE FOR MY ENEMIES….you make no sense…just because you went to church and believe in someone—> I DONT KNOW HIMMMM(the father of christ))…..Anything can be solved and prevented even the “problems with” your soul and your ability to stay alive…YOUR MAIN ISSUE IS CONSTANTLY TRYING TO PROVIDE A GUARANTEE THAT I CANT PROVIDE MY ENEMIES, especially if they STAY IGNORANT AND TRY TO FIND WAYS TO ATTACK ME…HELLO are you able to stop attacking me…are you able to understand what I am trying to communicate….ARE YOU CAPABLE of understanding what isn’t always my decision….even if you aren’t ignorant…even if you exist perfect and capable of living a beautiful life??? HELLO? I would have to get permission from someone and PLUS I had no plans on KNOWING YOU in that way to provide LIFE FOR YOU…EVER EVER NEVER EVER MEDGAR evers…AT 100% trust me…..I wouldn’t have even made that promise to the father of christ creations and other creators and gods found it so difficult to even except as a way to please them if I grew up to quick and powerful and they didn’t enjoy me…and that was a way to force the creations of theirs to love me enough to force their creators to love me or something…providing them the gift forces others creations to love me truly and the true perspective of a gift would be forced on them if information was known about WHAT i wanted for them versus the babies and angels who keep attacking me saying they have a jealous/angry joke feeling to describe to me one day…I guess you understand this is my complex response????”””” bye??? maybe????? you should try to find a way to kill yourself…your already protected and attacking me because you cant be protected by me instead…IN MY opinion….

No New News? Video of the day postponed for at least a month or two, due to attacks in my life…especially #hakars?….I am so sorry….it is not a difficulty for me…it is just i am so busy due to what it is as a war…even if you see someone protected….the true creator of the life here and what is here…..CAN be found if called on….especially if it ISNT the father of CHRIST that even has to handle what a LAKE of FIRE & WARNINNNNG Brimstone even is if HE has to CALLLLLL someone……to really do that IN REALLLLITY….BE WARNED….especially if HE can’t tell SATAN and those who went to war against HIM…I AM SO SORRY!!!!! from Jonathan…! I couldn’t be the one to stop Exodus for you for the future can be prevented and still the future may need to happen slightly different in many ways if the POWER to stop it came from the one who did not WANT to live with those he FOUGHT…at 100% not just tired…but THREATENED and LUCIFER is TRYING TO kill him if HE went to war with him in any way….HE WANTS HIS THRONE>>>? He thinks the heavens and earth are easily explained…even combinations to start life itself….#PRIVATE I love you!

So much evol has been used for many to reach the top, from America to Rome, why did they do so much to lose so much as they lead so many to a false destiny….Where are your nations really headed into the future, reliant on mass populations and old-technology/methods-of-business….from reliance on fossil fuels versus the solar power that is obviously only blocked due to lack of control just like the medical usage of THC….

So some key points to take from this video as you do further research is that despite my problems with current Bibles and the Torah(the only reason you are here?)are the contradictions that would have been fixed by any good creator even if they aren’t omnipotent. Specifically as I’ve mentioned before in Genesis ch.1 and ch.2 there are contradicting scriptures about what happened at the start of creation(life) …..if you really read the first two chapters you wouldn’t want to read any further because of the contradiction.

yet there are valuable parts of history kept in the text if you have ever had to be exposed to it AS I’ve even shown on video the Holy Spirit of God is real that’s been verified by me and others…all of my questions about the inaccuracy and contradictions have been met by the spirit with a calling for patience until the answer can be revealed.

I would note how many refuse to ask the Spirit for true guidance when reading scripture also…instead trying hard using reason and science to give others false leadership…this video brings up the prophecy of John’s Revelation. Many would argue whether the seals were even opened when Christ died and if the true end of days was started over 2000 years ago…i would argue o haven’t been able to give testimony of the time I’ve heard Christ voice. Proof that He has been working and doing alot since the cross…so as Revelation states when the lamb was slain he opened the seals causing a long process we are all currently going through. Although I have many arguments about stopping evil before it gets to a level of concern the Lord love free will and the true calling to His ways…i feel like alot is lost especially due to war…

This video shows a reason to look deep into the re early history few get to truly understand. If Rome was the dragon and empowered to the point of being one with Satan or if America is the culmination as we can take alot from the English King verica and Amerigo vespusy as America was formed….also note Rome was loved in England and seen as liberators initially not conquerors….

Also note the satanic made beautiful in the folklore of King Authur and Merlon…versus a spiritual(Toranical) viewpoint ….

Despite the contradictions I’ve noted there are many usefully if not priceless parts of scripture…i.e note you can link proof of Christ throigh eye witness accounts of the earthquake and solar eclipse which blackened the sky as Christ died….so you can link proof of the Pauline letters to proof of the disciples to proof of much of what Christ would have said to validation and evidence as YOU form relationship in some way based on what you have understood from the scripture as it guides you…the response of course can be good priceless or terrible if temptation to greed and other sin due to lies and confusion about the blessings the Lord truly provides and what true happiness and pleasure can be….i would tell you the baptism of the holy spirit is better the making a baby…forming a new me was alot greater moment in many ways…