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Noos(a.k.a Nudity) created the Gol+Dun Gun Mixtape series to coincide with the OK(One King) Free album series to give people the opportunity to enjoy hip hop without worrying about lyrics that they don’t personally enjoy….the beats may be great but the artist rapping might not be your style, if that is the case UpDate Records has partnered with Jon Pierson(Noos) to offer Good/Spiritual Versions of popular music through the One King music series and through other music offerings like the Gol+Dun Gun mix tapes, that offer unique production that haven’t been utilized or heard before.  We hope you enjoy the free content we are able to offer through and don’t forget to DONATE to help us continue our goals/dreams/missions….just contact us….You can get the albums Hello and Who Is It through our website at a lower cost or through Apple Music, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and many other streaming services.