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You can reach us anytime 24/7, this page has more information about our history and background. 

Phone = 619 642 9395
Emel = contact@itsUncommon.org

All of our programs our funded through donations and sponsorship. We hope that you are able to benefit from what we have to offer.


    Our Story

              Since 2006 a.d the Original Research Group(Uncommon Love) has been growing & changing…when we started our main goals were spiritual as we helped form H.i.v.e[who? is Virtually Everywhere] Church and saught after what the Holy Spirit can do(this is done through research in order to discover, what it can do for all of us, from discovering the true history so many books miss to the miracles few have recorded).  Our goal was to offer the first fully online church experience (including resources to share the gospel, public or private live video bible study, classes & conversations about how life formed which allows the visitors to participate in  service live,  this includes praise & worship at any time).  As the Original Research Group we do alot, including people powered searches/research, so if your children have questions that you can’t answer or if they need help writing a paper they can use our services to hopefully find answers to any of their questions as we help them research.

    YourKoz.com – Our Approach

             We have many goals and our main efforts go towards helping anyone reach/achieve their short term and long term goals in life; we have an emphasis on causes that involve starting businesses, charities, or churches.  We help provide funding and training on how to accomplish almost any goal.  For example, if someone needs something like a car, they may want to start an event to raise funds, they can partner with sponsors and charities and make a difference while still having fun, we help you along the way, from finding and securing a location for your party/event to finding sponsors/investors to help fund everything.  We want to be there for them from the inception of their business idea to the completion of every goal.

    WHY – There Is So Much To Do

              We believe there are gaps between what the government provides and where the average citizen is still in need.  We don’t believe in giving someone money without having the opportunity for change or the outlets for proper resources.

    WHAT – What Can We Do?

    LEENK.us + YourKoz 

              We started the first social network to allow the users to control the ads and make money from their online activities and content, since 2006 our ideas on networking have been copied by numerous companies including, Google, Spotify, and Facebook.  In 2007 we began offering connected social networking websites(Where you can manage your own social network for friends and family and control your online value). Whats Your Koz?

               Now in 2019 we have been able to offer even more, every user now has the ability to raise funds through sponsored fundraising offline as well.  This means you can use your car, clothes, business cards, and virtually everything you use everyday to raise funds for yourself or a favorite cause.  All you have to do is contact us above to sign up and we will link you with sponsors willing to work with you.  You can even purchase and design new and custom items including electronics; so you can get your favorite items for free or at a discount, PLUS you can make money when you partner with a sponsor and track the usage of a sponsored item with pictures.

    U.S.E[United Sports & Entertainment)

    Update Records = We offer free studio time, educational resources and classes, and career development.  We can take you from the ground floor to professional management and a primary/secondary career in the entertainment industry.


              We are also known as the Original Research Group, this part of our programming allows us to provide funding for anyone starting or trying to stay in business.  This includes filing fees and even emergency funding.  Please contact us above to see if you qualify.  Through O.R.G we are able to provide resources and classes on business and management.  We are dedicated to providing a stepping stone and invaluable tools/skills/lessons that will help change how small and big businesses are able to succeed world wide.

    U.S.E & Mobile Education Centers

              We are in the process of using our success to create a sports event program that allows anyone over 13 to join our semi pro leagues world wide.  We will be using live streaming to create large audiences for interesting basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and tennis events.

              We are also trying to develop mobile education centers that will provide classes in person and live streaming on music and film making.  We will also have equipment and services that will become available when they have successfully completed testing on what they have learned.  We have also created a network dedicated to artistic endeavors allowing people to post and sell their artistic content like art work or films(Leenk.us or itsUncommon.com).


    An Uncommon Team

    (Minus the contractors & volunteers)

    Elbert Oliver – Director & Advisor 

    Jon Pierson – Director & President

    Jonathan Pierson 007

    More About Jonathan Founder…

    “Jonathan Is A Business Genius…” – the CA President of Wells Fargo…among all of his many other talents and abilities, business is where Jonathan excels.

    1. Yon Studied at USC before taking a leave of absence to focus on his dreams(2003 to 2010, he graduated from high school early at 17) – Studying: Architecture and Economics + Over 2 years of accelerated learning in Biblical Studies outside of USC + He is a graduate of the Cecil Murray’s Passing The Mantle Program & The USC Financial Literacy Program

    2.  He started Organa & Uncommon Love(H.i.v.e/O.R.G) in 2006…and has developed over 20 unique intellectual ideas, that are either patent pending or trade secrets in their operations and methods(including models for sharing revenue amongst fundraisers/content-owners which are currently being used or copied by Google, Spotify, and a variety of other large companies.  You have been able to control your value through YourKoz.com since 2006.) 

    3.  He studied at Tuskegee University during the summers while in high school

    4.  He is a part of The National Honor Roll

    5.  He is ordained and is the founder of the Church of Uncommon Love(H.i.v.e Church = The first fully online church experience)😎

    6.  From 1997 to 2003 he was a deacon at the Youth Church connected to West Angeles Church of God in Christ[From ages 12 to 18](he is baptized by water and spirit and has been saved since 2000)

    7. He is a Thespian, who has been studying acting, singing and dancing since he was 9 years old, having a staring or major role in every play and production he has been a part of.  

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