About Us


Our Approach

We have many goals and our main goal is to help anyone reach their goals in life.  We eant to help provide funding and training if someone needs something like a car or if they have a cause they want to start an event to raise funds for.  We want to be there for them from the inception of their business idea to the completion of every goal.


Our Story

Since 2006 the Original Research Group has been growing and changing…we started with religious goals.  Our goals now reach every layer of life even other realities.  Our main info can be found at…our corporation is worth over 169 billion dollars ask us how we did it…


Jon Pierson

Founder & CEO

Jonathan is a business genius among all of his many other talents and abilities.

1. Studied at Usc

2.  Started Organa inc. In 2007…

3.  Studird at Tuskegee University while in high school

4.  He is a part of the national Honor Roll

5.  He started the Church of Uncommon Love

6.  A deacon in youth church

7.  Jonathan is not a human…?


We have a few volunteers and workers

All of our volunteers choose their own schedule and are independent…