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Our Story

Since 2006 the Original Research Group has been growing & changing...we started with religious goals as we helped form H.i.v.e Church.  Our goals now reach every layer of life even other realities.  Our main info can be found at www.WhoWhyWhat.com...  Our partner corporation[Special inc.] is worth over 90 billion dollars, please ask us how we accidently did it through assets and property...


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Our Approach

We have many goals and our main goal is to help anyone reach their goals in life.  We want to help provide funding and training if someone needs something like a car or if they have a cause they want to start an event to raise funds while having fun.  We want to be there for them from the inception of their business idea to the completion of every goal.

Our Only Employee

Jonathan Pierson 007

FOUNDER & CEO of Special inc.

"Jonathan Is A Business Genius..." - the CA President of Wells Fargo... among all of his many other talents and abilities business is where Jonathan excels.
1. Studied at USC(2003 to 2010) - Architecture and Economics

2.  Started Organa inc. in 2006...

3.  Studied at Tuskegee University during the summers while in high school

4.  He is a part of The National Honor Roll

5.  He started the Church of Uncommon Love(H.i.v.e Church)

6.  A deacon at the Youth Church connected to West Angeles Church of God in Christ[From ages 12 to 18](he is baptized by water and spirit and has been a messianic since 2000)(he also ran H.i.v.e church...from online to in person and now conversations about Reality through Uncommon Love)

7.  Although his mother is human it can be believed that Jonathan is not a human...(he has tested to be above a savant and could have skipped from first grade to middle school...instead he chose to go to UCLA's elementary school and skip 1st grade... although he found it boring at times he never regrets integrating properly with his age group...skipping one grade has been tough in regards to keeping up with his friendships...

A) Jon has proven perpetual motion to be real and possible over 4 times(including Paper Computers that require no electricity) leading to unlimited value and energy for his business and charity...He will be revealing everything publicly before 2020...

B) Jonathan has created G.o.o.g.l.e non profit...a supplemental government to support all layers of reality.

C) Jon received a 3.6 upon graduating high school while playing basketball, volleyball, acting part time and in plays, and volunteering especially his contributions since 12 to west Angeles youth church(this helped grow his relationships despite skipping a grade)...all while taking Ap level classes since 9th grade....while in college he took a leave of absence to invest in Organa Inc. full time...that was in 2010....

D) Jonathan can prove he is the first inventor of the internet and knows that the real first internet includes sharing files via usb and wireless radiowaves both short range and long range...he partnered with American government officials and employees and he feels betrayed...(no recognition and alot of curious events)