In 2007 we started the 1st and only Network that allows you to control your value online/offline – Share the revenue earned on our websites(i.e your profiles/content) and raise funds from your activity online(i.e using our People Powered Search Engine to make money answering questions/queries)

As we grow so does your bank account, this is an experience that no other website can provide….PLUS

Your eHome is FREE(please contact us if you have any questions on how to get started), upgrade for privacy or to build a public network(i.e if you have  group or a corporate network to manage)

Our non profit O.R.G can help you build your own social network, start A Private Network &/Or Public Social Site connected to our  network] = $1 to 10.00/year for membership register online or offline (323 844 9886)

Start Now and You Can Also = Raise $ Online or Offline with online ads that work on facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social networks.

…Start an eHome[design and build your own website with a free network too.  You can make your network private or public and use events, fundraisers, and sponsors to make money online or offline for any goal/koz that you have.  Please donate to our vision & help us save small biz.

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We now offer free filing for any new business or charity and when you work with us we provide support for your first 3 years, so, every small business is able to grow and succeed.

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We are a unique Non Profit that has partnered with a growing corporation in order to increase our value and also increase our connections.  We have one goal and that is to make sure the average person is able to meet their short term and long term…

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Why do you need us?

We are the first website to offer crowdfundraising through an open or private social networking setting.

Since 2006 we have been creating unique and personally designed environments to help people reach any monetary goal for any cause that they may have…

We have a patent pending system that allows users to control the advertisements when they are using our website and when they are creating/building through our website.  We are the only network that offers sponsor relationships and anyone can work with sponsors, create events and design unique fundraising campaigns, and we do more for our clients then any other website is able to offer by offering strategic help throughout every fundraiser…we are different because we are a charity NOT a corporation.

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We have partnered with a variety of companies to offer such programs as our Sponsor Malls and Sponsorship relationships for every user for any website they use and every new eHome[private or public networks]…Raise funds for any cause using unique fundraising campaigns, events, and sponsors.  Each user makes an average of at least $5,000.00 a year using our program.

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An online classified & Free Advertisement Engine


Delivery, Transportation, and Security…Online Concierge Service


Online and Offline Dating through our Non Profit…


Earn money for your cause by recycling, we can pick up your recyclable items[paper/bottles/ect] and we pay you based on the weight of the items…

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Create/Design your own private/public network, its your online home, do whatever you want with it…


With over 10 years in the online fundraising field, we have a unique expertise in business and technology we can’t wait to share… #GROWTH


We are also The Original Research Group[O.R.G], please contact us to learn about all of the things that we are capable of doing for you and your community.  Education/Fundraising/Biz

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